Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  1. POLYTECH or B-Lite® lightweight breast or gluteal implants from POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics (hereinafter, POLYTECH).
  2. Online registration is available at https://ioeregistration. polytechhealth.com for the Implants of Excellence programme within 6 months after implant surgery. For registration you will need your implant passport, which you will receive from your treating surgeon post-surgery.
  3. Participation in the annual survey. You will receive the link to participate by email. The link is only active for a limited time.
  4. Valid for all implant surgeries. This warranty retroactively covers all breast and gluteal implants registered in Implants of Excellence.
  5. The warranty programme is a voluntary service of POLYTECH, which may be changed or discontinued at any time, and registrations made up to this time will not be affected by such a decision. The programme is only valid in countries where POLYTECH is active.
  6. The programme is not applicable in the following cases:
    • Damage to the implant before or during implantation
    • Damage to the implant due to an accident or injury
    • Damage to the implant by mammography
    • Damage to the implant during open or closed capsulotomy
    • Any other complications not listed in Art. 7 of these Terms and Conditions
    • For custom made POLYTECH and B-Lite® breast implants and gluteal implants with article numbers preceeded by SAF
  7. The warranty grants free implants of the same product range – either POLYTECH or B-Lite® lightweight implants in the event of:
    • Shell rupture due to the material failure valid for lifetime including the contralateral breast in all cases in which such need is diagnosed by a surgeon
    • Capsular contracture Baker Grade III & IV of breast implants including the contralateral breast in all cases in which such need is diagnosed by a surgeon:
    • Up to 10 years after implant surgery for POLYtxt®, MESMO® and POLYsmoooth™ surfaces
    • For lifetime for Microthane® coated surfaces
    • Rotation of Microthane® coated breast implants for lifetime
    Costs of surgery are always excluded. Non-POLYTECH and non-B-Lite® implants are not covered by the programme. POLYTECH shall not provide any payments as an alternative to the free replacement product(s).
  8. Implant surgery must be performed by a qualified surgeon using state-of-the-art surgical techniques and in compliance with the instructions for use for the breast or gluteal implant in question. In case of rupture or capsular contracture, the surgeon who performed the original implantation should, if possible, perform the implant replacement. If this is not possible, POLYTECH must be informed proactively.
  9. For requests for the replacement of breast implants due to capsular contracture Baker Grade III or IV, the treating surgeon must prepare photographic documentation prior to explantation. The same applies to the rotation of implants coated with Microthane®.
  10. Damaged implants must be sent to POLYTECH for examination in a decontaminated state within four weeks after explantation. A comprehensive surgical report must be enclosed. In cases where implants are not returned properly or if no sufficient documentation is enclosed, no benefits can be granted.

September 2020